I don’t usually get alarmist in my blogs.  But today I have an important message for anyone who will hear it.  And it comes with emotion because sometimes it is just plain hard to live in this world.  What’s my message?  We can’t continue to live like this.  It isn’t working.  We are destroying our planet.  We are destroying other people.  We are destroying the next generation.  The world is a reflection of our collective inner health.  And I can tell you it is NOT good.  And while there are plenty of “experts” out there who will tell you it is biological, chemical and out of our control, it isn’t.  That is the convenient answer.  That is the answer that takes the pressure off.  But that answer is cursed with hopelessness.  If there is nothing we can do to make life better, why bother with life at all?  And let’s face it, those in power want us to feel like that.  If we feel like that, we won’t change or question anything.  Status quo favors those in charge.  And that’s not us.

As I mentioned last week, the controller-enmeshed are running the planet.  And the controller-enmeshed are asleep.  They live their lives with no questions.  They live their lives in fear.  And they waste their time doing nothing that matters.  But we don’t have to live that way.  We have the option to wake up.  We have the option to listen to what the anxiety and depression are trying to tell us.  We can take the opportunity to explore why our lives are so chaotic and empty and unfulfilling.  We can sit with our pain.  We can sit with our truth.  We can shine the light on what needs to be said.  We can stop the denial.  We can facilitate our own awakening.  It is the only thing that will make a difference in this world.  No matter how much we attempt to save this planet from the controllers of the world, we will only make lasting positive change by waking up.  The more of us who wake up, the more positive change we will see.

The controller part of self represents the masculine.  And I want to be clear, there is nothing wrong with having a strong masculine aspect of self.  But there is a problem when it is completely unbalanced.  We have lost the feminine completely.  We have devalued it in self and in society.  We have suppressed it within ourselves.  We have suppressed it on this planet.  And the unchecked masculine is a very dangerous thing.  There must be balance and we don’t have it.  I recently watched a video where a woman said, “Men would rather destroy the planet than let women run it.”  And I immediately thought of the controller.  The controller would rather destroy the body than share responsibility with a system of parts.  It is a mirror.  The health of the planet reflects the collective health of the people.

But why are we living this way?  Fear.  What does this fear look like?

We fear emotion.  We are terrified of it.  We actually believe it will kill us.  If you don’t believe that, look deep inside yourself.  Try to feel something … anything.  What happens?  Maybe your mind takes over and intellectualizes.  Maybe you suddenly have to clean your kitchen floor.  Maybe you close this blog and call it stupid.  That’s the fear.  The fear will take you far away from emotion in any way it can.  And we are teaching our children the same.  People in the “real” world are constantly telling my children not to feel.  I know because my children tell me about it.  My son was crying because he was in a school lock-down for a tornado warning.  They had all the children facing a wall with their head in their hands.  Why would an 11-year-old not cry?  But of course, he was told not to cry.  It wasn’t nasty.  It doesn’t have to be.  The message is the same.  “Don’t feel.”

We fear the truth.  We are living a lie.  This entire planet is living a lie.  Everything we do and think is a lie.  What are these lies?

  • Resources are scarce, so we can’t share.  Lie!
  • Nobody would do that to their own child.  Lie!
  • We must work, work, work and never take a break.  Lie!
  • We can’t take time for ourselves.  Lie!
  • It would be disrespectful and unloving to dredge up stories from the past.  Lie!
  • People are only telling those stories for attention, opportunism and revenge.  Lie!
  • Kids tell lies.  Lie!
  • People with mental illness are just lazy.  Lie!
  • People who are struggling in this world are less than others.  Lie!

We fear what matters.  We will do anything to avoid what matters.  We will dive into electronics.  We will gossip.  We will redecorate the house.  We will plan the next vacation.  We will compare ourselves to others.  We will dwell on the latest conversation with a relative or co-worker.  We will rearrange the office again.  But we will not look at what matters.  We will live a life on the surface but avoid what is making the surface patterns happen.  We won’t look for answers … at least not there.  We will live a life of distraction and wonder why it feels wasted.

So wake up!  The best thing you can do to save the world right now is to wake up.  Your controller will try to stop you.  They will inundate you with fear.  But we owe it to the planet and the next generation to wake up.  We must stop the destruction of the planet, our bodies, our mental health.  It is time to feel, tell the truth and go deep.  This is no longer a choice.  It is time.  It is now or never.  Wake up!