As a child, I was taught to be a helpless victim.  I was taught that I had no choices in life.  My decisions were made to meet the needs of others.  I was not allowed to be the person I was born to be. Now that I am an adult recovering from my traumatic experiences, I realize that my life belongs to me. I realize that I am making the decisions.  I am in charge of the belief systems that I carry.  I can choose to set boundaries, leave abusive relationships and create a peaceful life for my family. As I advocate for trauma recovery, I meet other survivors struggling to take back their life, to take back what has always belonged to them. But that road is a journey that undoes the effects of a traumatic childhood. Through my work at Beating Trauma, I am helping survivors of childhood trauma move past the trauma and find new ways to uncover who they were meant to be.
This is not a ‘quick fix’ but a month by month journey to a new life. A life that feels like living not just existing.  Survivors Guide for Life is a monthly membership that gives you instant access to videos, articles, writing prompts, awareness builders and action steps that can literally change your life. Find out more …

Survivors have the ability to create the same beautiful life experiences, accomplishments and fulfilled dreams as others. But sometimes we get stuck in our traumatic world and struggle to find the freedom we so desperately seek – we need a fresh pair of eyes to uncover what we’ve tried so hard to forget. Find out more…

Parenting is difficult for everyone. Everyone! But parents who are have experienced childhood trauma have an especially difficult time. We have no model to follow and we are fantastically good at beating ourselves up for not being perfect enough. We really don’t know what a parent is supposed to look like. Find out more …
Do you feel like you can’t escape the inner chatter in your mind? Does it seem like your thoughts are pulling you in multiple directions simultaneously? My full-length eBook will give you a new perspective on your inner chatter, anxiety and depression and help you find peace, love and purpose in your life. Find out more …
When we can calm our own inner waters, we can reflect the storms of the world differently.  Our inner world reflects our outer world.  Our outer world guides us to our next inner journey.  When our waters become still, our path appears before us.  Clarity comes, but only once we can find the peace to see it. Raising our awareness brings with it the power of choice as we begin to recognize the reactions that are based in the past, allows us to show compassion to those parts of us that are holding pain, and to bring their strengths into the light to help us shine today.

When I first started working with Elisabeth over a year ago, I was a new mother in an abusive marriage. But I thought I was the problem. I had no self-esteem. I hated motherhood. My son triggered memories in me I didn’t know existed. I was severely suicidal because I’d lost all hope. After a decade of counselling, I couldn’t think of another way out. I’d tried everything including drugs, doctors, friends and relatives, but nothing was working. Thanks to Elisabeth, I found my strength and my voice. I left my husband and emotionally disconnected from my abusers. I’ve realized my worth. I’m a happy mom and I’m no longer suicidal. Is my life perfect? No. But Elisabeth helped me process my childhood trauma. She was my guiding light. She was my substitute mother, my earth mother. I wanted Elisabeth to save me, but she accomplished more than that. She taught me how to save myself. Elisabeth is a truly remarkable, kind, nurturing, firm, wise and intelligent woman. She gave me the tools to mother myself. She gave me the tools to mother my son. Without her, I’m terrified to think where I’d be. Most importantly, she believed me. She validated my truth. We went to dark places, but she wasn’t afraid. She never judged me or humiliated me. She heard me. She intuitively picked up on my needs. She was consistent and reassuring. She answered every email and every question with prompt and thoughtful compassion. She gave me a second chance at life. I’m forever grateful for her work and her presence in this universe. I’m still rebuilding my life and making lots of mistakes, but I love myself unconditionally… perhaps for the first time. Thank you Elisabeth!  Andrea

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How Control Works

How Control Works

Apparently, I sent an unusual email to a client the other day.  I was referring to a new understanding about an inner part and how they were impacted by my dad.  The client wrote back and said, “There’s a word I don’t ever hear you say: ‘dad’.”  I was a little...

When Fear Rules

When Fear Rules

When it comes to how we live our lives, we won’t get very far without feeling our fear.  It might be different levels of fear depending on our experiences, but we are all going to have it.  And while most people understand this intellectually, it is not really...

The Ambush is Coming

The Ambush is Coming

In case you haven’t heard, I am planning an amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand.  I am very excited to take my children to the other side of the world and cross many things off my bucket list.  As a travel addict, my bucket list is not short.  But I am...


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