Writing To Heal Childhood Trauma

Our Inner Parts have messages to share with us that can help us heal our lives. But those messages are often buried or hidden behind strong defenses built in times of trauma and abuse.

Your childhood trauma has taught you so much about who you are, how the world works and what to expect from others. It has shaped the way you think, the emotions you feel and the choices you make. 

Writing is a foundation of my work with my coaching clients but I believe that all survivors of childhood trauma should have access to this powerful healing tool. Writing is a direct conduit to your unconscious and allows long- held understandings, beliefs and buried memories to be heard. 

When we hear what our Inner Parts have to say, we can move toward a deeper healing experience.

Introduction To Inner Parts Writing Workshop

What is Inner Parts Writing And How Can It Help Me?

In this 2-hour live interactive video workshop, I will introduce you to Inner Parts writing and together, we will begin to open the door to the powerful messages keeping you from your best life.

You will learn what the voices of your Inner Parts sound like and how to hear them under the noise of your painful trauma. I will guide you with writing prompts and you will have the opportunity to ask questions at various points along the way.

This workshop is designed to teach how to use writing for healing in your own life. You will come away with skills and techniques that will enable you to explore your own inner messages and begin to free yourself from the pain of the past.

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(Limited workshop spaces available maximum 30 participants)

Writing For Memory Recovery Workshop

How Will Memory Recovery Help Me?

The idea of recovering memories of painful experiences can feel very scary. Why would you want to revisit the pain of the past and connect again with the memories that were buried long ago? Aren’t they buried for a reason?

The truth is that the experiences of your past are impacting your life today, whether you remember them or not. When buried memories come to the surface and you can view them in the light of today. You can make decisions about how much impact they will make in the future.

This 2-hour workshop will teach you how to write to connect with the Inner Parts who hold your traumatic experiences. By setting the memory free, you diffuse a lot of its power in creating the reality of your life.

Next Workshop Date:

Please Contact Me for a Recorded Workshop.

(Limited workshop spaces available maximum 30 participants)