Sometimes I lose perspective. And that might be an understatement. I spend too much time comparing myself to others, and in the world of social media, big houses and perfectly groomed lawns, that takes its toll.

In an attempt to remember how far I have come, I decided to look at how much I have grown and changed as a parent in the past eight years. To do that, I looked at the little things, the daily occurrences that don’t seem like they matter, but speak volumes about my recovery work.

And honestly, I am pretty impressed with myself.

If you are a parent, do this little exercise so you can be impressed with yourself too.

1.  My son stubbed his toe this morning and I didn’t remind him he was running.

2.  I can let my daughter go to a public bathroom by herself.

3.  I don’t have to win every argument even when I “know” I am right.

4.  I can wait for ten entire seconds while my kids try something new before I get involved.

5.  I can share my things now … sometimes.

6.  I breathe every once in a while.

7.  My kids say I yell less. If they say it, it must be true.

8.  My kids can reject my food and I don’t have a temper tantrum. I also don’t make them something else.

9.  I can take my kids to the grocery store and not have a panic attack. (I still hate it though.)

10.  Yesterday, my kids raised their voices and I didn’t.

11.  Last week, I admitted that I was wrong … in front of my kids.

12.  I even have faith that everything is going to be ok … sometimes.


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