Uniting Our Internal Family for Love, Peace & Purpose
Do you feel like you can’t escape the constant inner chatter in your mind?

Does it seem like your thoughts are pulling you in multiple directions simultaneously?

As a teenager and young adult, I spent my days inundated with constant chatter.  My head was filled with thoughts.  I thought all day long.  I thought all night long.  And these thoughts weren’t kind.  They weren’t even consistent.  The thoughts often contradicted each other, leaving me confused about the next direction in my life.  Even basic decisions seemed overly complicated.

My thoughts fueled a constant state of anxiety.  My body was so uncomfortable, I could not spend much time in a grounded state.  My thoughts would get so overwhelming and negative, I would swing in to a state of depression without warning, leaving me completely immobilized.  It was affecting my sleep.  It was affecting my productivity.  And honestly, it made me feel crazy.  Society doesn’t think highly of those who hear voices.  They tend to slap labels on that sort of thing.  And they aren’t good labels.

I had no idea my constant inner chatter was coming from my past trauma.  Honestly, I didn’t remember my past trauma, so how would I have known?  In my thirties, that changed. I began to remember my past and it wasn’t pretty.  There was so much trauma, it took some time to sort through all the pain and betrayal.  But once I came to understand my past for what it was, a train wreck, I turned my attention to my thoughts.  I just knew they were related to my past.  And what I discovered changed my life.

The battle that was going on in my head was caused by trauma

My traumatic experiences were too much for my child’s mind to handle leading to a separation of parts within me.

These inner parts didn’t agree with each other when it came to coping with life

Each of these parts thought they were helping me by telling me what they thought I should do

While it is important to listen to what they have to say, I don’t have to follow their advice and I am free to make my own choices

As an adult I can heal my inner parts and their trauma

These realizations empowered my life.  I dove deep in to an understanding of my inner parts and what they believed.  I built a relationship with each part and they started to trust me.  I worked to get a handle on how they held me back from my best life.  And I wrote it all down.

Through my work as a life coach, I have learned from other survivors that these patterns are not unique to me.  Of course, there are nuances.  Some have multiple inner parts where others have one inner part.  Some lean toward one belief, while others swing to the opposite belief.  But the inner landscape is shockingly similar among survivors of trauma, even significantly different trauma and even when they didn’t even know they had trauma.

I’ve written this eBook as a navigation tool, so survivors of trauma can understand their own inner parts and the unconscious beliefs standing in the way of their best life.

In this book, I discuss:


  • The types of inner parts you might be facing on your journey.
  • How those inner parts developed.
  • The essential drives that become the foundation for your beliefs.
  • The most common unconscious beliefs and how they might manifest in your life.
  • What you can do to start making change happen.
This full-length eBook will give you a new perspective on your inner chatter, anxiety and depression.  It will also list concrete strategies for you to unite your inner family, so you can approach life with …
Available as an eBook in PDF format.

You will also receive an email invitation to a Facebook private group where you can share your experiences and receive support on your recovery journey.