Are you struggling with the daily impact of past trauma?

Are you feeling like the only person facing these challenges?

Do you feel like nobody could possibly understand?

I know these were true for me.

Every day, I woke up wondering if it made sense to get out of bed. I would swing between anxiety and depression. I was ruled by my thoughts. I spent so much time planning for the inevitable disaster which would leave my house of cards flat on the table. I tried to control everything, and when something wasn’t controllable, I would panic. At the end of each day, I felt like I had run a marathon.

I was exhausted.

To make matters worse, I was sure that nobody would understand. When I had taken the risk to speak out in childhood, I was faced with invalidation and gaslighting. I was convinced that I was the only person facing these hardships. I knew everyone was walking around without pain. I was sure I was being punished for being defective.

I carried devastating beliefs:

I am alone in my pain. There is no way anyone has experienced what I have experienced.

There is nobody like me. I am the most unworthy and flawed person on the face of the Earth.

If I tell my story, nobody will believe or support me. They never believed me before. Why would they start now?

Can you relate to my story? Through my work with Beating Trauma, I have discovered that many can relate. I have discovered that I am not alone in my experiences and my pain. And the Beating Trauma community has helped me heal as well as others.

That is what community does. It allows us to explore sharing in a safe environment, breaking down our tendency toward isolation. And it gives us the motivation to keep trying when it seems impossible, because sometimes, recovery seems impossible.

Community transforms our beliefs about being isolated in our pain.

Community allows us to test the waters of safe interaction with others.

Community heals us.

This is why I have created a private Facebook group to bring us together in a new way. In this 8-week group, we can come out of isolation and find community support as we build awareness together.


How this works: An 8-Week guided and moderated private Facebook group to build awareness together.

  • Each day, I will detail one awareness builder in a Facebook post to the group. You will be invited to discuss and ask questions about each concept within the private group.

  • Each week, we will discuss one theme of inner awareness building. The group will process each theme through Facebook posts and comments, live video discussion and supporting documents.

  • You will receive supportive coaching from me and support from other group members as you navigate the steps to building awareness in your own life.

  • You will be invited to share your own support and experiences with the private group as you feel comfortable.

  • Your time in recovery will not impact your ability to take these steps. You will take the step from wherever you are on your journey.

This 8-week private group is designed to help you understand your own inner conversation through building awareness. As others share their own experiences, you will find similarities in your inner world that can affirm your journey as well as the journey of other community members.

Each daily Facebook post is a baby step in the overall process of building awareness. As you take each daily step, which can be done with very minor changes to your daily life, you will begin to see how they can build in to large changes over time. You may even wonder how you went so far in so little time.

This group will be the most effective for you if you are able to journal at points during the 8-week journey. While it isn’t mandatory, the results of journaling are often life-changing. When we write, we can access the unconscious and the details that reside there. As we write, those details can be brought to a conscious level and understood using adult logic. Before, they may have only been interpreted with a child consciousness.


At the end of our 8-week group, you will receive a 78-page eBook with the 56 daily steps, so you can continue your personal awareness work.

You can participate in this private Facebook community in two ways.


Sign up now for the group starting January 22, 2017.

You will be directed to Paypal for payment and then your registration will be confirmed.

As a member with access to the daily steps and conversation within the Facebook group:

As a VIP member with access to the Facebook group and three private one-on-one consultations:

Building Awareness Together: Community Guidelines

Friends at Sunset

There will be very few requirements when participating in the group because our voices have already been controlled enough. That said, I have some suggestions to consider when sharing.

1) Share as much or as little as you would like, but I recommend you share something.

2) Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is on a different journey. Comparison will drive you crazy.

3) If you share suggestions, be open to any response. Some recovery modalities may not work for everyone.

4) Do your best to validate the experience of others, even if you cannot fully relate. This is a community for validation and support.

5) The more open you can be, the more you will heal.

We Will Explore These Topics Along with Others

1) Grounding and awareness techniques for stepping in to the body

2) Recognizing and separating from our inner defender(s)

3) Finding those hidden emotions

4) Expressing from the inner child(ren)

5) Connecting with our adult self  and intuition


I believe it’s no accident that I found Elisabeth on the internet. She, and her blog, came along at exactly the right time for me. She is a talented writer, but more than that, she is a gifted facilitator, life coach and confidant. This group, Building Awareness Together, is perfectly named as that was my exact experience while participating in the group. I did build awareness and always felt that I was part of a “together” when doing that. I highly recommend participation in this group. You won’t regret it. Victoria Fry

If you’re ready to understand yourself on a completely new level, this is the group for you. I wasn’t sure I’d gain a lot of insight because I’ve been in therapy off and on for 10 years, but Elisabeth taught me so much more than I’ve ever learned and taught the tools I would need to better myself and my family’s life. I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s tough work, but very much worth it in the end. Dusti Prioux

I loved being part of this group.  Elisabeth and each of the participants were among the most honest, sensitive, strong, brave, resilient and vulnerable people I’ve had the privilege of interacting with. I felt free to share and never judged or pressured into being something I’m not or not feeling. It was a tremendous relief to me and naturally, my defenders. Alice

Elisabeth gently walks group members through the steps of understanding why we may act, feel, and think a certain way. The benefit of the group having several members is you actually get to see you’re not alone. So many people understand what you’re going through and have been through that no one is judging, no one is hurting you more, but we’re united and on the same mission of healing. We all support each other. Elisabeth also understands that some days we aren’t up for the day’s challenge and some days we need a little more, but she cares so much and is there for you every step of the way for every single person. Dusti Prioux

Building Awareness Together is such a beautiful support group. Every day, there is a new way to dive deep into your inner world, because that is where we find healing from trauma. And you are not alone on the journey. You have an amazing support system of people who “get it” and are making the journey with you. Getting to know what is happening internally and communicating with inner parts while having a sounding board to help navigate whatever comes up was tremendously helpful to me. I have a therapist who uses similar methods, but this group gave me new tools to be able to understand and communicate with my inner parts on a different level. I was even able to recover part of a memory while in the group using one of the daily steps. I cannot emphasize enough how important it was to have the strength of a group behind me to navigate the doubts from my inner defenders regarding that process. The doubts are strong and convincing, but when you are getting such support and validation, you are fueled with courage to take the brave steps to validate yourself and the parts who are trusting you with their memories. Elisabeth is a wonderful moderator and she is always available to guide you through the steps and even there to help with any triggers that surface from hearing the other stories or doing this internal work. And when it gets to be too overwhelming, she emphasizes the importance of self care and it being okay to skip a few steps if that is what is needed. You are able to get what you need from the group and she guides you through that without judgment. It is well worth the investment. Anonymous