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As an advocacy or media organization committed to fighting child abuse and trafficking, you will find that you carry a heavy weight.  In your role, you hold an innate responsibility to bring trauma-informed information to your audience and employees.  You must fight to keep your communication free of dramatic images which confuse the realities of abuse and trafficking.  You must ensure the long-term recovery of survivors for the overall well-being of our community and society.  To do this, you have a responsibility to go to the source.


Survivor-informed is trauma-informed.  Survivors can explain the realities of abuses in ways that others cannot.  As a survivor, I can provide detailed information about the holistic impact of trauma on survivors of complex trauma.  I can help raise community awareness by shining a light on the real impact of abuse and trafficking.


Contact me to speak to your employees or clients or write for your publication.  I can help you to meet your ultimate goal and responsibility in bringing the light of awareness to the community at large.




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