A Legacy of Light.

Are you a parent who is committed to breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma that have plagued your childhood?

Do you want to break the cycle of abuse on a deeper level by shining a light on those shadow parts that keep interfering with our attempts at peaceful parenting?

Do you want to show your children how to live a life of awareness by living it yourself?

Parenting is hard for everyone.  When we have endured a childhood of abuse, parenting can feel impossible.  Our children inadvertently remind us of our trauma.  Every day, a new trigger can send us through our painful past as if it never stopped.

While we are committed to stopping the abuse and breaking the cycle, our emotional processing can feel overwhelming at times, leading us to struggle with our reaction to our children.  Through these difficulties, we may pass down old internal belief systems that are a result of our own abuse.  Our children may carry our abusive past even though they never experienced abuse.

I can help you find those shadow parts that need attention.  I can help you bring a legacy of light to your family for generations to come.


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