Are you tired of feeling like there’s nothing you can do to make your life better?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try to change things, you keep getting stuck?


Perhaps you’re struggling in your relationships with others and are feeling desperately alone.

Maybe you feel strongly that you have a purpose to fulfil but just can’t seem to muster the energy to bring it to life.

Or perhaps, you know you have a ton of potential that’s not being explored.

There’s a reason for this and it’s not your fault!

The trauma you’ve experienced has created messages that are running your life. These messages are programmed deep in your unconscious and no matter how hard you try to make things happen in your conscious mind, your unconscious has the greater power.

What’s happening in your internal world is delivering the results you see in your external one.

And when you experience trauma, your mind learns ways to protect you from further pain. And this protection shows up as internal resistance to the choices we make in our external world.

It’s why you struggle to bring your dreams to life.

It’s the reason you feel frustrated by your lack of progress.

It’s the reason your relationships are not working out.

It’s the reason you feel so alone.

But there is a way to break through the resistance that’s keeping you stuck.

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To get to the messages that are programmed deep in your unconscious mind, we need to ask questions. Your unconscious mind holds all the keys that can unlock your life but first we need to find out where they are.

We begin with what we do know. We start with the messages we can hear in our waking mind. Those words and phrases that make us feel helpless. Disempowered. Useless. Stuck …

You may have heard the term ‘self-talk’. This is the narrative that goes on continuously in your head. The conversations you have with yourself 24/7. The conversations that are deeply ingrained and automatic. You may or may not be aware of these but one of the fastest ways to uncover the deep seated programming that is running your life is to become aware of the messages that are available to you.

So I’m going to guide you through 30 days of ‘Journaling the Resistance’.

Each day throughout January I’m going to provide you with a ‘writing prompt’ to help you unlock your unconscious mind. These will take the form of a suggested message. Some of these may be very familiar to you while others may not create an immediate connection.

But in my years of working with survivors, I have discovered some common themes that run through the messages in our minds. And it’s this experience I bring to my FREE 30 Day Challenge.

When we can hear the messages that are running our lives, we have the opportunity to ask a couple of key questions.

Is this true?

And if not, what is true?

There is so much power in asking these questions.

You can use your adult mind to answer questions your child’s mind couldn’t understand

You can choose new messages to replace the ones that are keeping you stuck.

You can raise your awareness to other messages that are hidden deep in your unconscious.

Will 30 days transform your entire life?

Perhaps not …

But I can promise you that if you do the daily writing, you will begin to unlock the messages that are ruling your life. You will begin to find your personal power. You will begin to make choices that will take you where you want to go.

No matter what I did, there were things that always seemed just out of reach. As if I was so close, but there was just something holding me back. I knew in my heart that I was standing in my own way. Not consciously, but in some deeper place I was sabotaging my own success. Working with Elisabeth has given me the key to unlock the door to everything I have worked so hard for. I feel more empowered, more centered and more free and light than ever before. I have noticed subtle changes in my dealings with others too. I have set firmer boundaries with some whilst at the same time letting others become closer and in every case, I have felt more myself than ever before. And the opportunities which once felt just out of reach have come flooding toward me and I am poised to play the ‘big game’ I’ve always believed was mine.

Are you ready to step into the life you were born to live?

The life that was yours before trauma stole it from you?

Join me for FREE on January 2nd and let’s get started …

Make 2018 the year your life begins to change