Parent Guidance: Bringing light and awareness to your parenting

Parenting is hard for everyone. Our children will inevitably bring our insecurities and unprocessed struggles to the surface.

But if you are a parent and a childhood trauma survivor, the deck is stacked against you.

As you interact with your children, you will face triggers which can be overwhelming at times.  If you were abused by your own parents, you will also be faced with a world of the unfamiliar. 

How do we parent when we never had parents of our own?

How do we rely on an instinct that has been suppressed by trauma?

We don’t have to rely on our parents’ methods or overcompensate by swinging to the other extreme.  We can use our own awareness to build a balanced approach to parenting which will ensure a broken cycle of both abuse and oppressive thought patterns.

Are you ready to discover how peaceful living and parenting can coexist for trauma survivors?

Are you dedicated to bringing the light of awareness to your daily parenting practices?

Together we will create new strategies and solutions to take your parenting in a new direction.

Here’s how it works:

Through detailed reflective prompts, we will evaluate the current belief systems driving your parenting, the defense mechanisms you use to cope with your triggers and the impacts your children may be feeling.  We will also create a series of self-care actions to help you strengthen the boundaries within your family.  Once you have established some new boundaries, we will create a new series of actions for building a stronger relationship with your children.  Through these steps, we will work through the traumatic triggers that are keeping you from a life of more peaceful parenting.

In a series of five guidance tools, we will examine these aspects of your recovery life.  Each guidance tool will start with a guided Q&A session carefully crafted toward your needs.  Then you will receive a personalized return evaluation from me with tools and practices to empower you to take the next step.  In addition to the guidance tools, we will schedule weekly phone or Skype consultations to discuss and reflect upon your work.

1)      We will uncover the current belief systems impacting your parenting.

2)      We will identify the defense mechanisms that you use to cope with parenting and life.

3)      We will begin the conversation with your inner child about the source of your beliefs and defense mechanisms.

4)      We will develop ideas for strengthening the boundaries in your family.

5)      We will create an action plan for strengthening your relationship with your children.

Guidance tools and consultations are done on a weekly basis with time for reflection and processing so you have the space you need.

Are you ready to take the first steps toward creating a new legacy of light and awareness?

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss whether the guidance is right for you.