Deep Healing for Complex Trauma

Childhood trauma is a thief that steals your identity, destroys your trust and leaves deep mental, emotional and sometimes physical wounds which can feel impossible to heal.

But there is a way to heal those wounds.

I learned the secrets to permanent healing from complex trauma and I want to share them with you …

Hi, I’m Elisabeth Corey and I’m a survivor of Complex Trauma.

My traumatic experiences included family-controlled sex trafficking and sexual abuse as well as other forms of abuse such as financial, emotional and gaslighting. These experiences were so traumatic I was left with only one choice. The only way for me to survive was to shut down and disappear into my head. It was the only place I could feel safe. It was the only place they couldn’t reach me. I disconnected from my traumatic experiences so completely that I forgot most of them.

But forgetting them, didn’t make them go away.

Dissociating from my reality didn’t make the damage any less real. 

In my journey to heal myself, I discovered that my need to survive caused me to shut away vulnerable parts of myself. I recognized that while some parts of my personality developed strongly, other parts were left behind. I realized that the only way to heal was to bring all of my parts back together again. I needed to put myself together in a new way, in a way that created space for all my experiences to be heard, accepted and validated.

These simple truths became the foundation of my work as an international life coach for trauma survivors. The process I used to heal myself is the exact same process I use to help my clients heal themselves too.

Through my Inner Parts Recovery approach, I help them:

  • bring their parts back together
  • reconnect with life and find peace in the present moment
  • recover the memories that hold the key to their future
  • recognize patterns that are keeping them stuck
  • learn the tools to help them navigate painful emotions when they arise
  • finally find the happiness they desire

And because I want this for you too, I’m bringing my Deep Healing for Complex Trauma Workshop to a city near you!

In this full-day in-person workshop you will:

  • learn the skill of emotional journaling and build a connection to the parts of you which were left behind
  • discover patterns that have been keeping you stuck and learn how to release them
  • have your questions answered (limited numbers allow for one-to-one interaction and support)
  • take away tools which are compatible with therapy or independent use to help you find long-term healing and peace

Upcoming Workshop Dates & Locations


Date: Friday 23rd August 2019 [9am – 4.30pm]

Price: $298 NZD

[$269 NZD each when you bring a friend]
Limited Spaces Available