A Legacy of Light: Parent Workshops


As a survivor of childhood trauma and a single parent of two young children, I sometimes feel that the two roles are incompatible.  My children trigger flashbacks and overwhelming emotions, and when I need time to process them, I am usually driving a child to karate practice or cleaning up the latest mess.  I am pulled in two different directions, and in the end, it seems that neither responsibility is handled with grace.


But I also have an understanding for how trauma recovery and parenting are inextricably linked.  Children cause pain, not because they are manipulating us, torturing us or any other explanation I have considered on the tough days.  They cause pain because they are supposed to.  The pain is what urges us to grow.  In my life, my children are my primary source of pain and growth to this day.  And it is this understanding that has set me on my journey to a peaceful life.  It is this understanding that has saved my life (literally and figuratively).


We can use parenting to process the trauma and find peace because our children act as little mirrors.  They show us the next step on our path.  It is our job to wake up and take notice.


And I can help you discover what your children are mirroring for you.


I can help you find the steps to your path to peace.



 Why these workshops:


Have you broken the cycle of abuse, but still feel the triggers of your past as you try to parent on a daily basis?


Do you know you want to take steps toward a more peaceful life, but have no idea how to start the process?


Do you want to partner with someone who has been through the challenges of parenting after a childhood of trauma?


These workshops will build your awareness of your inner world and your external relational world.  Parenting with greater awareness will form and grow a stronger relationship with your children as you respond to their behavior without the past trauma influences.  While you have broken the cycle of abuse, this work will take you to the next step of breaking the cycle of oppressive thought patterns.



Here’s How It Works:


parent2During these email workshops, I will guide you in bringing a new level of awareness to your parenting.  I will help you move away from the inevitable and ineffective practice of molding our children to be less triggering.  I will guide you in discovering new strategies for addressing trauma triggers by examining your inner responses.


Through a series of exercises over a period of five to eight weeks, you will build additional inner knowledge through awareness.  You will examine how you are responding to your external world by identifying your triggers and how those triggers affect you emotionally, mentally and physically.  You will also uncover your defense mechanisms when you are triggered and determine how they may be impacting your life in positive and negative ways.


Once you have a greater understanding for your internal response, you will begin examining how you can set boundaries to limit triggers and build self-care strategies.  Once those are in place, you will be better equipped to address triggers when they do occur.


I hope you’ll join me in bringing awareness where it’s needed most.


A new beginning starts with us.