Survivor Guidance: A guided path in your recovery.


Survivors can create the same beautiful life experiences, accomplishments and fulfilled dreams as others.


Yet sometimes, we get stuck in our traumatic world and can’t seem to find freedom.


Our particular journey is to find those places within us where we are holding ourselves back, where we are scared to let go of the old.


As we work with those places, we can allow our lives to become more than we expected or thought was possible.


Do you feel called to take the next step toward letting go of the past and creating your new life?


Is it time to take your therapy to the next level with a coach who can help you find where you are “stuck”?


Would you like to consult with a trauma survivor who has used her own awareness to thrive in life?



As a survivor, I understand how hard it is to step out of the darkness and bring light to the shadows that still haunt us. I can support you in practicing daily awareness techniques that are essential to reveal the belief systems that are holding you back.


Together we will create new strategies and solutions to take your life to the next level.


Here’s how it works:


Through detailed guidance tools and discussions, we will evaluate your current state of recovery, the places where you feel most affected by your trauma, and the areas you are most interested in sparking improvement. We will work to identify the old trauma patterns and the beliefs that create them. We will initiate an inner conversation to shift those patterns and beliefs for the future. We will also create a series of actions toward self-awareness that can help bring about recovery where it has appeared immovable in the past. Through these steps, we will work through the traumatic experiences that hold you back from the ultimate, peaceful self that is waiting to emerge.


Each guidance tool will include a guided Q&A session carefully crafted toward building your awareness through writing. In addition to the tools, we will consult once per week by phone or Skype to discuss and reflect on your response to the written guidance.


1)      We will clarify how your past trauma is impacting your current life.

2)      We will identify the traumatic patterns in your life.

3)      We will begin the conversation with your separated inner parts.

4)      We will build a process for emotional expression and information sharing.

5)      We will develop a series of actions for building awareness and releasing your trauma.


Are you ready to take the first steps toward guided awareness in your recovery process?


Contact me for a free preliminary call to discuss whether the sessions are right for you.




If you have additional questions, you can find more information on the questions answered page.


After years of self help and therapy, I by chance found Elisabeth’s blog. Immediately her work resonated with me. With a brave heart I embarked on her 5 week guidance program. It was the best decision I have ever made! I came further in my recovery in 5 weeks than I had in almost 4 months with a psychotherapist. The work was intense and so very rewarding. The accountability of weekly calls was a vital part of the program. Although there were weeks that my “inner defender” kept me from being productive, Elisabeth showed me that even those weeks were progress because I was able to identify why and what was holding me back. For me, meeting my inner child was truly life changing. This part of the program alone has helped me fall in love with the most important person in my life…ME. In my 42 years on this earth, I have never known how it feels to have empathy and love for all parts of me, especially the broken ones. If you are on the fence about trying the program, I implore you to do it. It is a journey into self discovery that could possibly change everything, as it did for me. Elisabeth will be the most gentle, caring and knowledgeable tour guide into the undiscovered parts of yourself. Amy Gupta

This ‘process’ needs to be taught to other therapists and counselors!! This needs to be offered everywhere and easily accessible to everyone! I just lucked upon this when I was scrolling through Facebook one day. So many people could be healed by this work. At its core is the principle that you have to Love Yourself (all the parts of yourself). Understanding the Inner Child and Inner Defender…that was amazing! It seemed to pull it all together for me. It explained a lot about the decisions that I’ve made as an adult….as well as the things that I’ve ignored/blocked. Joanie

I almost can’t believe how simple, tangible, and practical this process is that you have taught me. I know it will work for anything that comes up for me. I have easily continued to write from these parts, and it is fail-proof and productive. Most importantly, in addition to actually processing the trauma and the emotions, it gives me nearly instant separation from those parts, which allows self-love and acceptance to flow into those newly excavated spaces. You have changed my life. Kara Szymanski