Self-Guided Workshops.


You have choices.


I’ve created these workshops to help you build more awareness as you explore your inner world. These workshops will facilitate your recovery process through video, audio blogs and writing. They provide you a way to work with me on your schedule.


Begin by uncovering what is holding you back.


I was 34 years old when I finally allowed myself to be aware that something was wrong. I had spent my entire life repressing painful memories while trying to build a stable life on an unstable foundation. Of course, it was never stable. It seemed as though I was destined for chaos. That chaos included abusive intimate relationships, encounters with bullies on a regular basis, and reasonable life goals thwarted at every opportunity. It didn’t make any sense. I didn’t understand. I worked hard.


I was putting so much effort in to building a successful life.

Why did everything keep falling apart?


Once I became aware of my need for trauma recovery, I didn’t waste any time at all. I started therapeutic efforts on all fronts. And I focused as much as possible (through the dissociative fog) on building awareness. I worked to understand what was happening behind the scenes of my seemingly conscious world. And what I found was enough to blow anyone’s mind. How was I covering all this up? How did I not see that trauma? How was my dissociation so well honed? I knew I was good, but wow!


Eight years later, through tireless trial and error, I have uncovered what has helped me in recovery and what has held me back. I now understand my tendencies and patterns that drove my defense mechanisms and what was necessary to change them. I have used that understanding to develop products to help others discover their own internal patterns. While survivor patterns will never be identical, the right questions can bring the necessary answers in that moment.


dragonflyNow I’m inviting you to ask the right questions.


I’ve created these workshops to help you build your self awareness by combining my writing with video guidance and audio blogs. This provides an inexpensive way to familiarize yourself with my guidance and explore your inner world on your own schedule!


As you begin to awaken to these discoveries and find the need to explore them more in depth, I also provide one-on-one guidance sessions which are customized to your own personal experiences. You can decide if the time is right for you. But it always requires you to take that first step.


If you can be very honest and flexible about your inner patterns, you can use these guides to open up a new world. I look forward to working with you as you embrace the darkness and shine the light on the inner world standing in the way of who you were meant to be.

Are you struggling to parent the way you hoped?

Even though you would never abuse your children, do you still make some of the mistakes your parents made?

Do you lose control sometimes and have no idea why?

I know these were true for me. Through my conversations with other survivors, I have learned that many of my beliefs, and the habits they created, are universal. This tool will bring your awareness to the same beliefs and habits that were impacting my response to my children. Maybe you have internalized all of these beliefs. Maybe you experience a variation on them. Maybe you feel your belief is exactly the opposite.

This workshop can help you move the unconscious in to the light.