Making Peace With The Holidays After Trauma

December Masterclass

The Holiday Season is one of peace but for Survivors of Trauma it is often a time of conflict.

For some there is the tug of war between the desire to connect with family and the need to protect themselves from more pain.

And for others, this is the time of year they feel most alone and isolated.

How can you navigate a path that will bring you the true festive hopes of the season …

… Peace and Joy?

I know from personal experience how hard it is to come to terms with the holiday season after trauma. I walked away from my family not long after my twins were born as I refused to allow the cycle of generational abuse to affect them as it had affected me.

I paid a high price for that decision. Higher than most as my twins’ father died when they were very young leaving us alone not only during the holiday season but also for every birthday and every special and important event in my life as well as theirs. Even so, I wouldn’t change that decision for anything!

While at one time, the Hallmark Holiday images simply reminded me how alone in the world I was, now I embrace the new traditions I’ve created for the three of us and work hard to not only make the holidays magical for my kids but also a time of connection with others who also find themselves alone. I’ve created my own ‘picture of a family’ that brings me peace and joy!

And now I want to help you create your own ‘picture of a family’ that fills you with peace and joy too.¬†

Starting 1st December in a private Facebook Group, I will teach you how to manage toxic situations and internal triggers so you can finally make peace with the holidays this year and every year.

I hope you’ll join with me and other survivors as we navigate the holidays together

(One off $45 Payment for December Masterclass)