Calming the Storm.


Are you a survivor of complex trauma?

Are you looking to find some peace from the chaos?

Are you looking for tools and resources to help you take back your life?

Living as a survivor of trauma can be like living in a storm. Every day feels so exhausting that we may not think it possible to keep going. And while it may never be possible to eliminate our internal unrest completely, we can bring calm waters back to our lives through our awareness of our internal processes.


With our awareness and acceptance of our darkest parts, we can calm the inner turmoil and bring peace to our lives, sometimes for the first time.


From that place of calm, our direction begins to appear, our lives begin to take a new shape, a shape we never thought possible when our energy was consumed with inner storms.


It is possible for life to be a little less exhausting. I can show you how to take back your life from the inner turmoil. I can provide resources to help you gain an understanding of your true path in this life. Together, we can calm the storm.


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